Recycling in Boulder & Boulder County Recycling - 

How We Operate

Green Girl Recycling is committed to making recycling in Boulder, Larimer and Weld Counties simple, effective and affordable for all types of customers (residential, commercial, institutional, office, restaurant, and government). We work directly with each customer on an individual level to help reduce waste, lower trash costs, and set up an efficient recycling program that everyone can easily participate in and understand. Click here for Boulder Recycling Fun Facts.

Why Choose Green Girl

  • We offer one-stop service for all of your recycling needs, data destruction, electronics and hard-to-recycle items
  • We are affordable and will come inside your home or office to remove all recycling, saving you the effort of hauling to the curb
  • Electronic invoicing to reduce paper waste
  • Individual reports generated annually so you can know exactly how much waste you’ve diverted from the landfills

Commercial Recycling

  • Specialized recycling and Single-Stream Recycling Programs
  • Detailed Recycling Guides, Educational Support, In-House Meeting Support, and Yearly Recycling ‘Your Green-Foot-Print’ Reporting for all customers.
  • Set up of Desk-Side, Internal Recycling Programs as well as External Pickup Points for recycling collection of all materials.
  • Free Waste Reduction and Recycling Audits

Residential Recycling

  • Front door pickups (yes; from your garage or shed), convenient recycling  – no hauling recycling to the end of LONG driveways!
  • Support a locally-run, environmentally-friendly, and woman-owned business – keep your dollars circulating within your own community.
  • Friendly and personalized customer service.
  • We provide ongoing recycling education, resources, recycling guides and yearly updates.

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