Why Eco-Products Rock


If you’re anything like me, you find that summer barbecues and parties have the potential to be some of the most confounding events on the planet. Not the parties, exactly, but the clean-up. You know [...]

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Happy Earth Day


Want to know why I love Earth Day? Because after 4.5 billion years of sustaining life, it's the closest our planet has to a birthday celebration! So, what makes April 22nd so special? This is [...]

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Rats & Recycling MRFs


It’s March...the snowiest month of the winter and we sure have had a few storms here in Boulder County this month! Snow is wonderful, I ski patrol so I really love seeing it up at [...]

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Warehouse Dream


I was recently interviewed by the Northern Boulder County Business Report. Going through that professional photo opp and then being interviewed by a seasoned reporter always makes me really reflect upon where Green Girl Recycling, [...]

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My Incredible Team of CU Students


This past fall semester Green Girl had the unique opportunity to work with a group of business and marketing students taking a class at CU in project management. We were asked to develop a project [...]

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Meeting Green Challenges With…Green!


It’s May – spring is in the air and we at Green Girl Recycling have been very busy making changes to our business to remain competitive in this ever-changing recycling world. It’s been a very [...]

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