Hard to Recycle Items are all priced separately and pricing can often change based upon gas prices, the markets and volumes recycled – please call (303) 442-7535 today for a free quote of any item below!

Appliance Recycling

Small Appliance Recycling – we are able to haul appliances that do not contain Freon or hazardous materials (microwaves, small ovens, and washer/dryers) – call for a quote.

Book & Manual Recycling

Hardback Books – we are able to haul, break down and recycle all of your hard backed books. Cost for service runs $50 per pallet.

Manuals and old pre-packaged flyers or outdated Business Circulars – Call today for quote. We charge based upon the truckload and unwrapping, sorting time for each haul.

Electronics Recycling

Electronic Recycling – we are able to haul ALL types of electronics and provide detailed weights for all customers. Cost based upon load and material recycled.

Ink Cartridge Recycling

We recycle all ink cartridges – Price depends upon volume and type of ink cartridge = $.50 -$2 each depending on size/volume of cartridges hauled.

Paper Products

Construction Cardboard – Must be clean, preferably dry and flattened for removal. We will haul from construction sites and all commercial locations.

Shredded Paper – All shredded paper must be bagged and tied off carefully for hauling.


Loose plastic bags #2’s & #4’s – Must be completely clean, dry and packaged together into 1 bag.

NO: sandwich bags, stickers, bags that are dirty or have any food or liquid in them.

Rigid Plastics – #2 Durable Plastic Containers: Must be larger than a 5 gal bucket, have all metal, straps or lining removed from item – (Examples include: furniture, plastic watering cans, laundry baskets, crates, rigid backyard kiddie pools and plastic trash containers).

NO: Flower Pots with #2 symbols under 5 gal size, inflatable items, CD Cases or small children’s or dog toys.

Packing Materials

#6 White Block Styrofoam Packaging – may be recycled by the 40gal grocery bag – $6 per bag.

NO: Food-grade styrofoam containers.

Packing Peanuts (Styrofoam & corn starch) – may be recycled by the grocery bag – call for pricing.

One time household moves – boxes, plastic wrapping & paper – all may be recycled. Call for pricing.


Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Wire Reams, Bikes and Fencing – we are able to haul pieces for our customers that are under a determined weight. For large hauls, we provide service free.


Small Metal Scraps – we have helped many customers in automotive and heavy equipment manufacturing keep small metal tines and auto parts out of the trash. We provide the containers and hauling for these materials.

Household Metal Scrap – we can provide a one-time household garage clean up of all scrap metals or a business moving/clean out of old metal scraps. Call for quote.

One Time Clean-Up Projects

We’ve worked with many customers who are moving sites or rearranging office space to help them remove and recycle all office equipment, files, and harder-to-recycle items on a one-time basis. Call for Free consult today.

Shredding Services

Office Shredding – we provide scheduled shredding services to hundreds of customers throughout Boulder, Larimer and Weld Counties. We can set your business up with secure locking containers (small, medium or large size bins) and help your staff set up regular pickup cycles (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly services) to have all paper destroyed. Learn more about our document shredding services.

Office File Cleanout Projects – We are happy to meet you at your off-site storage facility or in your office or home storage area to help you recycle and/or shred all old company files.

Small Furniture Recycling

We are able to haul small furniture items from homes and businesses.

Wood Scrap/Pallet Recycling

Wood Pallets – we haul pallets of all sizes to be 100% recycled. We haul for commercial and residential customers – $2 – $6 per pallet depending on size.

Wood Scrap – we can haul small piles of construction wood scrap or broken pieces of furniture to be recycled.

Bicycle Inner Tubes – we can recycle your bike inter tubes and bicycle tires- (cost runs .65/lb).  NO car tires please.

Inner Tube Recycling

Cost priced per project

Other Items

We are usually able to find homes for most harder-to-recycle items if we are unable to directly recycle them. Please call (303) 442-7535 if you did not see an item you are looking to recycle above.