What we are:  A locally owned, female-run residential and commercial recycling company able to provide all our customers single-stream recycling, sensitive paper destruction services, electronics recycling, composting in the City of Boulder and hard-to-recycle item pickups.  We cater to each of our customers’ needs providing a one-stop, zero-waste approach to lowering waste costs and increasing recycling diversion.

~ Free Recycling & Trash Audits

~ Free On-Going: Education, Guidance and Company Support about Commercial Recycling

~ Yearly Environmental Company Reports – Your Green Footprint! Click to see example here.

Please click on our How To Recycle Guide and/or our Hard-To-Recycle Items List for how to separate your recycling and for other hard to recycle items we are happy to haul for an additional cost.

We Make Commercial Recycling EASY

  • Businesses We Service:  Offices (no size too big or small), Commercial Building Sites, Law Firms, Government Offices, School & University Campuses, and Restaurants who need commercial recycling in Boulder, Larimer and Weld Counties.
  • How We Operate: We are able to customize a recycling program that will fit your specific needs – be it removing recycling from INSIDE or OUTSIDE your place of business.
    • Inside Recycling – We can work with your staff to set up locations within your office (under desks, in break rooms, in copy rooms, in a common work area, inside closets or behind closed doors) to help make recycling/shredding an easy piece of your work environment.  We will come right inside your office on your predetermined recycling pickup date and remove all recycling materials during your business hours.
    • Outside Recycling – We can help your staff set up a convenient outside location to set up outdoor sturdy recycling receptacles (96 gal poly carts, maggies, cages or dumpsters) all with secure lids to help contain your recycling.  We will come to your business on a predetermined recycling route and remove all of your recycling from those containers.
  • Recyclable Items:  Please see our Business Recycling Guide. Basic Recycling Items: Office Paper (all types), Newspapers, Magazines, Paperboard, Cardboard, Cans, Glass (all colors), Soy Containers, Plastics #1-#7’s – plus much, much more!
  • Cost Information:  Commercial recycling rates vary depending on location, type of recycling program the office is using, volume of recycling and frequency of pickup. The average costs run between $20 and $35 per pick up for small to medium sized businesses. Most of our commercial recycling customers reduce their trash volume by an average of 50% which translates to big savings, often reducing trash costs by more than the actual cost of their recycling services. We provide FREE Recycling Audits and are happy to come out to your business to give you a custom quote for service.  Contact us here!
  • Education:  We work with your staff to help get all of your questions answered about recycling, shredding and composting.  Providing on-going education like our end of the year reports. Click to see one, meeting with your staff at a monthly office staff meeting and providing guides for containers and break rooms are all things we are happy to do to help make recycling programs hugely successful for businesses.  All educational support is always free!
  • Reporting:  All of our drivers note exactly when we pickup recycling from a location, what we hauled from that stop and how many pounds of recyclables we recycled.  We take that detailed information and compile it in a fancy database we had created just for our company so that we can give out very accurate reports (monthly, quarterly or yearly) to each customer if they need one for company or State reporting. Click here to see a sample year-end report.  At the end of each year in January, we send out end-of-the-year recycling updates  to all our customers  outlining how well they recycled and what those saving translate to within our environment (your personal green footprint)!
    • Did you know that by recycling 1 ton of paper, we save 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water, 463 gallons of oil, 3 cubic yards of landfill space and enough energy to heat an average home for 6 months!!!
  • Hard To Recycle Items:  We are able to haul hard to recycle items such as; packing peanuts, plastic bags #2-4’s, wood pallets, all electronics, and small appliances. Click here for our Hard to Recycle Guide List.
  • Secure Shredding Services:  We provide complete data destruction services at our warehouse location located at 21 S Sunset Street in Longmont.  We meet all State and Local requirements for shredding sensitive papers.  Customers may drop off papers to be destroyed M-F from 9 am to 5 pm – please call us if you are coming to the warehouse, a heads up for more than 10 boxes to be destroyed at a time is helpful.  If you can not bring your papers into us to be destroyed, we have scheduled routes for pickup.  If you have a one-time need to destroy old documents – give us a call (303) 442-7535 or email at
    • We provide Certificates of Destruction for all paper destroyed.
    • The cost for shedding documents runs only 30 cents per pound and in cases where a customer has all white paper, we can lower the per pound price depending on quantity shredded and distance hauled.
    • Call us today to have a secure shredding container located inside your office for scheduled pickups or to have a one-time quote to clean up your old tax files!