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Residential Recycling

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We'll pick it up starting at $35

*Recycling rates vary depending on location, volume of recycling, and frequency of pickup.


Residential recycle programs 

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By request services

Single-Stream Recycling

Electronics Recycling

Secure Paper Shredding

Hard-to-Recycle Items

How Green Girl Operates

We make recycling easy by coming up to your front door. No more hauling containers to the end of your long mountain driveway. We work with you to find a convenient spot around your house, garage or shed where we can pick up your recycling.


We ask that you separate recyclables into containers that can be lifted easily, no more than 40lbs each. We can provide containers or you can use your own. Container ideas can be rubbermaid containers, garbage cans, or brown paper bags.


All you have to do is just recycle – we will send you a calendar and work with your scheduling needs (yes, you can change your pickup schedule during the year, we work with you and your vacations) – it’s that simple.

Service Area

We serve the unincorporated Boulder County area and the mountain residents to the West.  We give homes and small businesses in the mountains a choice to have 100% recycling.

Ideal for:

  • Residents of unincorporated Boulder County

  • Residents in the mountains

  • Greeley HOA off 71st Ave.

*Service area map subject to change


Residential recycling rates vary depending on location, most areas run:


  • Monthly Service (one pickup per month): $30.00

  • Bi-weekly service (every other week): $35.00

  • Weekly Service (recycling never piles up too much) : $40.00

Recycle Reports

We compile detailed information at each recycling location daily about what and how much we are recycling for each customer. This information helps us generate very useful savings reports. At the end of each year in January, we send out these recycling updates to all customers outlining how well they recycled and what those saving translate to within our environment (your personal green footprint)!


Depending on your geographic location, we will determine the best route to set your household up on and will give you a magnetic calendar for the year highlighting when we will be getting your recyclables. The average household of 4 usually will set up bi-weekly or weekly services where a single individual or couple may only need one time service a month.

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Recycling Pick Up Quote

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