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City of Longmont Shred Event #1

Last Saturday, Green ♻️ Girl 💪 Recycling proudly hosted the first-ever City of Longmont shredding event, which surpassed all expectations. From 9 am to 1 pm, our headquarters at 21 South Sunset St. in Longmont became a hub of activity as we assisted over 500 vehicles, shredding a remarkable total of over 21,000 pounds of sensitive paperwork. This blog post highlights the success of the event, emphasizing the valuable contributions of our volunteers and dedicated employees.

1. A Commitment to the Community:

Green ♻️ Girl 💪 Recycling's shredding event exemplified our unwavering commitment to the Longmont community. By offering a free and secure shredding service, we provided residents with a convenient way to dispose of their sensitive paperwork. Our event aimed to address the growing concerns of identity theft and fraud, ensuring that our community members could protect their personal information effectively.

2. Volunteers: The Heart of the Event:

The success of our shredding event would not have been possible without the invaluable support of our volunteers. Two dedicated individuals (Payton and Merrick Allman) selflessly gave their time and energy to assist participants, providing guidance, and helping with the smooth flow of vehicles. Their passion for community service and commitment to environmental sustainability were instrumental in making the event a resounding success.

3. Dedicated Employees:

Behind the scenes, our team of five employees worked tirelessly to operate the shredder and ensure the event ran smoothly. Their expertise and professionalism ensured the shredding process was efficient and secure, providing participants with peace of mind. The dedication and hard work of our employees were evident throughout the event, contributing to its overall success.

4. Convenient Location:

Green Girl Recycling's headquarters at 21 South Sunset St. proved to be an ideal location for the shredding event. Its central position in Longmont made it easily accessible to residents from all corners of the city. The event's location played a vital role in attracting a significant number of participants, contributing to the event's success.

5. Positive Impact on the Environment:

In addition to the security aspect, our shredding event had a positive impact on the environment. By shredding and recycling over 21,000 pounds of paper, we minimized waste and promoted sustainability. The shredded paper will be recycled into new products, reducing the demand for virgin materials and reducing our ecological footprint.


Green ♻️ Girl 💪 Recycling's first City of Longmont shredding event was a resounding success, thanks to the overwhelming support from the community and the hard work of our volunteers and employees. By assisting over 502 vehicles and shredding 21,000 pounds of sensitive paperwork, we made a significant impact on the security of personal information in our community. We are proud to have provided a convenient and free service that not only protected residents but also contributed to environmental sustainability. We extend our gratitude to everyone involved and look forward to hosting these events in the future the first Saturday of each month to continue serving the Longmont community.


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