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A Smashing Good Idea

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Last week a potential customer called looking to see if we had an ‘extra’ old printer that he could have. At first, we thought he misspoke. ‘Do you need to recycle a printer? We can help you do that!’ No, he was interested in seeing if we would loan him an old printer - that he said he would bring back (broken a bit more). When we inquired as to why.. thinking maybe he needed a specific rod, spring or part to replace in a machine he may have at his home, he stunned us with the sweetest dinner plan he was cooking-up to help his wife out, who was apparently having a week from Hell at work. How cool is that??

His plan was to come pickup an old printer, have it in his car and take his wife out for a romantic dinner when the week was over. After dinner, this quick-witted and really supportive husband, was going to bring a bat and allow his wife to beat the heck out of an old printer exactly like the movie, Office Space!!

This got our attention. What a super sweet, thoughtful idea! The guy who called in never did make it to come pickup the old printer (he texted later mentioning a friend giving him an old printer from next door and the fact he had a new small puppy, not potty-trained yet, so driving anywhere was nerve-wracking). We all had an awesome conversation about what an amazing industry recycling is.. and that we are positioned not only help customers properly dispose of electronics (ALL electronics, the joke is if you can unplug it, we can recycle it – and its true!), but we get to also offer some comfort when people want to go rogue and pull an Office Space, printer-smashing event to release some pent-up energy. Cool, huh? Maybe we should start a quarterly printer smashing event open to the public??

Best said by Samir in Office Space; “No! Not again! Why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam! I swear to God one of these days I’m just going to kick this piece of shit out of the window.” Hoping the gentleman with the big heart had an awesome night helping his wife smash the heck out of that printer, we were thinking of you, Man!


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