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Alex Richardson - Rising Star Award Recipient 2019

Have you ever met someone who just has contagious energy, brings passion and true love to what they do in life? Two years ago we were extremely fortunate to have hired just that individual to help in a new role we developed to learn all our recycling routes and then be able to oversee not only routing, but warehouse operations and be able to work closely with all customers in the area of education and outreach. We nominated Alex Richardson for a Rising Star Award through Recycle Colorado and he WON it!! Here is a little more on the blurb we sent to aid getting Alex this well deserved recognition.

Alex came to Green Girl Recycling from Texas where he helped run compost routes through Austin and helped fill in where ever assistance was needed. Alex loves to compost and has helped us educate hundreds of customers on how to properly separate and handle composting in both large and small offices, helping to make programs work more smoothly. His deep passion for diversion has also helped many outside single-stream recycling programs with increased education and more efficient sorting systems aiding not only customers but drivers collecting recyclables.

Not only does Alex give back at work, he is always – seriously, consistently volunteering to help other organizations in the ‘green space’ who have needs. In the last year alone, Alex has helped at A1 Organics when they needed help cleaning up fields around their facility, to Ward and Jamestown in the mountains at Clean-Up Days, at the 4th of July and also by attending many RCAB meetings as an ‘At-Large Member’ volunteering to assist on a few break out groups. Many at RCAB know Alex as ‘A-Train’..Choo Choo!!

As our industry faces harder times; it’s more important than ever to acknowledge those around us making a huge difference every day. I hope many people get to meet Alex Richardson because he is a quiet force, with an amazing smile who leads from his heart. He takes charge to keep recycling, compost, electronics and diversion happening in Colorado each and every day. Alex is a ‘boots on the ground’ recycling leader and a rising star. I can honestly say I’ve never met a more deserving individual to be recognized for consistently giving back in the recycling space in such a short period of time. CONGRATS Alex - you SO deserved this award!!!

- The Green Girl Recycling Team


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