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Boss Babes Magazine Cover!

Wow... I woke up today and saw myself on the cover of Boss Babes magazine and I will not lie, it was both humbling and exciting.. and honestly, yes.. I did cry a little. It is SUCH an honor to be one of the driving forces behind environmental change, the green movement and a place where people come to make greener decisions. To be acknowledged as a Boss as well.. WOW. So cool.

EXTREMELY grateful and wanted to personally thank Rachel Sorbet photography for making this recycling-girl look so professional, when most days you'll find me rocking a pony-tail, in ripped up clothing, recycled old t-shirts (some over 20 years old) and work boots hauling/handling recyclables around Colorado. It's amazing what make-up, lighting and a TRUE artist can do with photographs. I'm amazed and thrilled.

I'd also like to take a moment to say that it is quite the honor to be someone else's boss. It reminds me of being a Mom, a Mentor, a Motivator, a Visionary, a Cheerleader, a Friend and Leader.. all rolled into one. I've been called Boss-Lady, She-Boss, The Boss, Boss Girl and..(I'm sure many not so fun titles, yup.. we are all human and I am surely not perfect, I do learn from my mistakes and own them all!) Surly though; I'll take Boss Babe as my ALL-time favorite title ever given!!

Thank you for being on this recycling journey with me!

~ Bridget


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