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Cardboard to the rescue

Two weeks ago, Tisha Wood, a famous French painter and neighbor, asked us if she could have some flat cardboard to help another artist who needed to move hundreds of paintings. We were happy to help.

At Green Girl’s warehouse in Longmont, we bale thousands of pounds of cardboard weekly. Giving a little cardboard away to make someone’s life a million times easier just felt like the right thing to do!

See the note below from Lillian Kennedy who just moved across the country with all her paintings:

“The gift from Green Girl to use her flattened cardboard made the difference between weeping and smiling as I packed up decades of paintings from my former Boulder studio to ship to Vermont.

The paintings were up to five by six feet and I had no idea what to do with them! When my BFF, Tisha arrived with a truckload of cardboard from Green Girl, it cut the work by two thirds.

The big cardboard sheets were taped to make boxes. A large stack of folded computer boxes were assembled and filled in no time – each thick walled and tough enough and able to hold stacks of paintings.

Racks of paintings started to empty, and I began to breathe normally again as hundreds of paintings were prepared for the trip across the country.

At the end of the journey, the cardboard will either be recycled or repurposed again.

THANK YOU! Lillian Kennedy "

At Green Girl – we love to give back, to make a difference. Boxes donated for a cause and a person’s life touched forever fuels our cause, because at the end of the day – recycling is always making a difference!


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