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City of Longmont Hard-To-Recycle Event Partnership

City of Longmont partnership: October 11th through 22Nd, 2021 - Hard To Recycle Event!

Diversion = 1008 people helped in 2 weeks, over 700 CRT & Flat Screen TV's recycled, 250 bike tires/tubes, 2,000lbs toilets, 16' box truck of stretch plastic & #6 styrofoam, 150 toners, 6 pallets of Towers and laptops (over 5,000 pounds), 6 trucks of mid-grade e-waste at 15,000lbs

We feel SO blessed to have the amazing employees and special helpers that showed up for these 2 weeks straight to help us with non-stop cars and trucks that came into the shop. We learned a ton, met so many great Longmont residents and can't wait to do it again this SPRING!! ♻️♻️♻️


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