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Connecting in the Community

We recently had the opportunity to meet a vibrant new Keller Williams realtor who came into our warehouse named Chris Madaras. Chris was super interested in all that we offer customers, as he is new to real estate and looking to develop a very personalized referral list to offer to his clients. Wow, impressive! Chris will only refer people he knows, likes and has a connection to in the community. Ya.. we think he will be hugely successful.

After making a new friend, explaining what we do

and showing Chris around, we were blown away at the amazing review he gave Green Girl Recycling on Facebook and just had to share it here.

From Chris:

"Today I went down to Green Girl Recycling and met with the founder, Bridget Johnson. Bridget was so kind to take almost an hour and a half out of her day to show me around. I was totally blown away by the scale and efficiency of the operation! She explained to me how they collect and process all their recyclable materials, ranging from bins of all types of electronics to massive bales of shredded paper (which we are sitting on)! Bridget has been running Green Girl for over two decades and she remains so vibrant and passionate about providing responsible, efficient, and convenient recycling for Longmont, the surrounding communities, and the environment at large. Her enthusiasm for her process and her team is contagious! With some members of her small team of ~10 having worked with her for over a decade, it’s no surprise that Bridget both values good work and cares about those who work alongside her. Whether your needs are for pickup or delivery, residential or commercial, or in-sight paper shredding, if you want to support a local, hardworking, eco-responsible small business, recycle with Green Girl Recycling!"

Boom - made our day. Thank you Chris!


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