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Electronics Help for Marshall Fire Victims

Our hearts go out to everyone who was affected by the Marshall Fire. (We have many customers who were affected and great friends who lost everything) - We are accepting all electronics damaged at our warehouse this month from people who were directly impacted for FREE. Yes.. FREE. Just bring in your burned or non-working electronics and we will make sure they are processed correctly here in Colorado.

See what Eco-Cycle is also doing:

"Eco-Cycle Center: in response to this disaster, we have identified temporary marketing solutions for smoke- and water-damaged materials, specifically for the following items: Mattresses




Scrap metal (always accepted in any condition)

Other FAQs:

Water-logged corrugated cardboard is not recyclable, but it is compostable, either through your curbside collection service or at the CHaRM.

Smoke detectors: Check with the manufacturer. There are currently no local recycling programs for smoke detectors in Boulder County. Remove and recycle the batteries as hazardous waste. The remains can be discarded with your nonrecyclable trash.

In addition, we are helping to manage the tremendous amount of donated clothing being accepted by pop-up collection sites around the county to help recycle the remnants that have been donated but are not reusable. To that end, we urge all of those donating to please donate ONLY clothing in good condition.

If you have resources or supplies, you can donate to victims through the Boulder Office of Emergency Management."

We are here to help - We Make Recycling Easy!

~ The Green Girl Team


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