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Extended Elevator Pitch

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

The other day a customer asked us, "Tell me more about your services beside the quick elevator pitch." That threw me for a second, and then I thought - why not make it a little longer and more detailed? We provide amazing services and more people should know how awesome our company and team has grown to be in the last twenty years!

Here is the 'more' piece:

Green Girl Recycling is a female owned and run recycling operation here in Boulder Colorado with over 21 years of experience giving red-carpet treatment to all our clients. W

e specialize in formulating recycling programs both inside and outside for all sized commercial spaces that perfectly fit customer needs. Our highly trained, fully-bonded and insured driving team each excel at helping our customers keep as much as possible OUT of the landfill. We provide single-stream recycling services, full electronics recycling services, compost services, and even own and operate a sensitive paper shredding service. Green Girl Recycling is a one-stop full service recycler geared to make recycling for all your needs easy, affordable and efficient. Why are we different? We absolutely love what we do. We track EVERYTHING we haul and give out full end-of-year recycling reports robust in data, which list environmental savings that our customers just LOVE. Thank you for thinking GREEN ~ we are 100% confident we are the perfect solution to all your recycling needs!

Thank you for reading this, supporting our cause and spreading the word!


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