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Google’s “Take Your Kid To Work Day” 2019

Google Family deconstructing electronics

Ever get to do something SO cool it blows you away??? Green Girl Recycling got to do just that on May 25th, 2019: ‘Take Your Kid to Work Day’ at Google.

We were asked to provide electronics to deconstruct for over 800 children between two Google Boulder locations. To do this we filled 8 giant 96-gallon rolling recycling poly carts (almost 3,000lbs) full of servers, towers, laptops, scanner devices, old phones, stereos and a multitude of other non-glass items for the kids to take apart. Google provided long tables, safety glasses and all the tools to take apart any kind of electronic device.

Boom! Our stations at both locations were a hit!! Kids and parents LOVED taking everything apart. It was heartwarming to hear stories from parents about the first time they took an electronic device apart and how it literally changed their lives. There was a common theme... understanding how something works lets you get to better connect with that item. Every kid, big and small was extremely focused on what they were deconstructing. If you haven’t yet, you must watch the video clip attached to this blog of the boy taking apart the keyboard – he was having the best time ever and totally cracked us up!

As a parent myself, it was fun to describe the ‘Google experience’ with my boys. Best explained through the question, “What is it like inside that big Google building?” Picture a place where anything you may want or need during the day is available and FREE! They have snack bars on all floors that hold every kind of snack option one could want to coffee baristas who will whip you up your favorite drink. There is a Spa, a hairdresser, a rock-climbing gym, aerobic classes, work-out room, and trainers on board to help you reach personal fitness goals. There were rooms to disappear and quietly think with themes like Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Hobbit. There was an arcade and shelves of anything electronic employees need to be successful during the day.

Food...I could write an entire blog on just the quality and selection of food at their cafeteria that overlooks picturesque Boulder and the foothills. The vast selection of fruits, vegetables, salad bars, meal choices, hot and cold dishes and desserts each listed with all ingredients catering to every type of diet was mind blowing! Google has made it extremely easy for employees to want to stay at work and remain productive – it’s brilliant.

It was a complete honor to participate with Google giving back to the parents who have children on ‘Take Your Kid To Work Day’. Google kiddos got to participate in so many activities, were given t-shirts, goodie bags and got to play and learn all afternoon with their parents. Jeff Amelang and his amazing wife Aubrie who organized this entire event were awesome to work with. Google is lucky to have Jeff, and we were excited to partner with him to create a memorable experience for his children and hundreds of others at both the Pearl and Walnut buildings.


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