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Happy America Recycles Day!

Sharing the Eco-Cycle State of Recycling Report that we LOVE that just released.

Why we love this report: it outlines what is really happening here in Colorado, what we can do as citizens to move the needle a little more to be greener and where we stand next to other States.

Please consider doing 1 thing today to make a difference. Here is a list from a friend that just seemed so easy we thought we would share these nuggets too:

  1. DON'T BUY ANYTHING packaged in something that doesn't recycle. If you have to have it, give the packaging to the store to deal with, don't take it home. If that happened more - producer responsibility would be a hotter topic.

  2. DON'T use anything 'single-use' (ie. a plastic spoon or to-go coffee cup) - Plan ahead, bring a spork with you in your back-pack, hand bag or briefcase.

  3. If you see a piece of trash or recycling on the sidewalk or road, pick it UP. Recycle it or Trash it - either way you are helping to keep an animal from getting sick or the earth from another issue to deal with for millions of years. (Bending over and carrying things also help keep you in shape, tripple bottom line win!)

  4. Wave to your neighbor. Ya.. be kind. It goes a LONG way.

  5. Give your kids a hug. It will help you and them - LOVE is key.

  6. Get more sleep tonight - (same as putting the O2 on yourself first, if you aren't good to go, how can you make bigger differences?)

  7. Smile... you can't be happy and sad at the same time. Happy is WAY more FUN.

Thank you for Recycling. Thank you for thinking GREEN.

We love what we do - Thank you for supporting us for over 25 years!!!!!!!


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