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Here's What You Can Do With That...

Remember that TV Aunt Lou sent you off to college with that got seven channels before your friend spilled a can of PBR on it and it became what you watched the game on in the garage while you tinkered with your Camaro because it was the one—and only—channel you had left that wasn’t the religious channel?

You can recycle that.

Remember that first laptop you bought 12 years ago because you were going write the next great American novel from the lobby of Starbucks but haven’t gotten past the opener, “it was the best of coffee; it was the worst of coffee”? It’s been sitting in the closet on top of that ancient tower you stored in there because you were getting the laptop.

You can recycle both of those.

Remember that old cell phone you tossed into the back of your sock drawer just in case the smart phone didn’t work out, but the truth is you and the new phone have been connected at the optical nerve for 743 straight days and you are seriously considering naming your firstborn Siri?

You can recycle that.

Remember that thumping-thumping mix master machine and turntable you rocked the parties with post-college? It may have landed you a date with your now-wife but it has now landed in your man cave under about 2.5 inches of smoke-infused, cat fuzzed, nacho cheese flavored dust…

You can—and probably should—recycle that.

Remember that video game steering wheel controller you used to race that virtual Ferrari you had when you were 13?

You can recycle that.

Remember the old phone system that you used when you first started your business? It was kind of enormous, but it’s nothing that the corner of the garage can’t handle.

You can recycle that.

Remember that old curling iron and crimper set you used to give yourself a tidal wave of bangs, which you then shellacked back before banging your head into a tsunami of hair at a Van Halen concert?

Please. For the love of God. Recycle that.

Not only is it spring and time to do some long overdue electronics purging, but starting July 1st, Colorado residents will no longer be able to legally throw their electronic waste into the landfills. The new law that will be in effect—the Electronic Recycling Jobs Act—will apply to everything from fax machines to CPUs to anything with a screen bigger than 4 inches.

There are a lot of great recyclable materials in those old machines—everything from precious metals to copper to special plastics—and which take a lot of energy to produce the first time. Recycling those resources cuts down considerably on the energy used to put them back on the shelf and reduces the depletion of those raw materials. Green Girl disposes of those electronics properly by having each component carefully disassembled and then sent to manufacturers who will re-use the materials.

But what about identity theft? Don’t electronics often contain sensitive information?

Absolutely they do! Which is why we have taken extra caution with our electronics recycling services. Sensitive data can be safely recycled using certified data destruction methods in order to protect you from identity theft.

If you have questions, just ask. In the meantime, if it ever took batteries or could be plugged it into a wall, we can recycle that!!!


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