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Oct 31st - November 11th Hard To Recycle Event in Longmont (2022)

Everything you need to know to register:

  1. Go to

  2. Click Events Tab: Register for the event by day/time/items you'll bring in

  3. Come see us on your scheduled day.


City of Longmont Hard to Recycle Event

WHEN: October 31st – Nov 11th (Sunday Nov 6th OFF) 9am to 4:00pm M-F and Saturday the 5th


1. Electronics:

High Grade (towers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, circuit boards): FREE

Mid-Grade (EVERYTHING not high or TV’s – stereos, printers, fax machines, microwaves, toaster, fans, small metal appliances, items with batteries and plugs!) First 40lbs FREE

Low Grade : SCREENS (1st TV FREE )

* 1 TV FREE per person, not one of each!

* Flat screen TV’s $1/inch

* CRT (tube) TV’s $3/inch)

2. Paper Shredding:

* 1st Bankers Box of paper to destroy = FREE

* 2nd box $5 each or we weigh paper at $.35/lb

3. Toilets & Sinks:

* With Hardware: City Pays for 1 sink or 1 toilet: $25 each

* Without Hardware $10 each

4. Bicycle Tires and Tubes:

* 1st tire/tube = FREE, 2nd tube or tire $1 each

5. Hard Backed Books:

* 1st Bankers Box = FREE

* $5 per box

NEW Items this year:

A. Mattresses and Box Springs:

* First Mattress or Box Spring = FREE

* Second mattress or Box Spring $30 each

B. Fire Extinguishers:

* 1st Fire Extinguisher = FREE

* 2nd Fire Extinguisher = $10 each

* No Smoke Detectors

Items GGR Always takes: City is NOT paying for these but can be delivered at the cost to the resident:

1. #6 Block Styrofoam: $10 per 13-gallon bag

2. Toner & Print Cartridges: $1-$3 by size


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