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Oh NO.. - The Real State of Recycling in Colorado

It's out and hot off the press, Eco-Cycle's "The State of Recycling in Colorado, 2019" is a report we pay very close attention to each year. We feel this information is so important, we wanted to blog about it and share the entire report on our website for others to access. Find the full report here:

Note that not only do we have a lot of work to do to improve access to recycling, we have amazing programs and processes in place to support more effort. If you aren't sure if you have access to recycling in your area check out:

Get on board - be a green leader, help us all make recycling more important for all the right reasons! November is the time of year everyone slows down a tiny bit and thinks about what they are thankful for; we Thank YOU for thinking green, following us and making each day count!!!


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