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Pay attention to your COMPOST!

Green Girl provides front door style pickups of compost from inside offices all over Boulder County. We mostly focus on the City of Boulder customer, and have been alerted to the fact that much of the compost ALL haulers are picking up and bringing to A1 organics are now being trashed. WHY? Why is compost not making it into wind-rows and ultimately rich soil amendment? The answer, contamination.

People are contaminating the bin. They are throwing items like stickers that are on produce and plastic bags and worse glass bottles into the compost bin, and that is NOT OK for the compost pile!!

Here is an article from CPR that was recently shared with us. It covers some of the major challenges regarding compost contamination in the Front Range.

We can do better. GGR is working with our customers and helping to remind, and re-educate everyone about how important it is to compost correctly. Done well ~ we all win! Please pay attention to the bin you are tossing an item into. Is it Green for Compost or is it Blue for Recycling? Not sure... TOSS IT OUT IN THE BLACK BIN.. for trash. Better safe that sorry.

Colorado can do better, we all can do our part to make a difference. Please be aware of what item you are sorting and make sure it is going into the correct bin. If you are not sure - we have great signage and training that will come into your office and work with your teams to help keep everyone a bit more green. Reach out - if you have questions or want education about what can and can not go into compost, we can help! Together we can do this... help us help Colorado make the best compost possible.


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