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Strike, March - Just Continue to Make a Difference Everyday!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The 2019 Global Strike for the Climate occurs today but also see what is happening next week as well.

As this takes place, we at Green Girl Recycling wish to express support for all those who are collectively trying to make positive change in the environment. We love that this effort is happening! (And on such a grand scale!) We believe that change does need to happen. Each and every one of us can make small changes every day which equal huge change in the long run for the environment. Actions like not using single-use plastics, actually making the effort to compost, or even reducing the size of one’s trash bin in effort to reduce waste. Hey, if you want to make a change consider supporting this amazing organization locally:

On this day of Global Climate Strike, Green Girl Recycling stands in support of those marching for the cause. We will keep our doors open all day long and continue to help the environment and our mission which is to help others make recycling easy while diverting from the landfill wherever possible!

Today, we keep those marching and WHY they are marching close in mind, many marching are even our children! It is together that we can exact great change. We have found that it is our whole team that contributes to achieve this change. Together, we make recycling easy!


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