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Supporting mountain give-backs: Shred of Hope & Bank of Estes Park

The Bank of Estes Park recently hosted a three-day roundup event dedicated to sensitive paper shredding and electronics recycling. This event was organized in partnership with The Bridge of Estes, a remarkable nonprofit that supports cancer survivors and individuals battling cancer. Their mission aligns perfectly with our values, and we were honored to be a part of this impactful initiative.

Check out Shred of Hope and this event

Green Girl Recycling was thrilled to provide the pickup services for all materials collected during the event. We carefully emptied two smaller box trucks to gather the materials collected into our 26' box truck, which were then transported to our Longmont headquarters. From there, the materials were sorted, shredded, and baled to ensure proper recycling and disposal.

Event Success:

- Sensitive Documents: We helped destroy 4,085 pounds of sensitive documents, ensuring that confidential information was securely shredded and recycled. 100% of our shredded paper is baled, those bales going to a paper mill where ALL the paper is pulped and turned back into recycled products.

- Electronics Recycling:

  - Low-grade items (e.g., TVs and monitors): 385 pounds diverted from landfills / Metech in Denver processed all that grade electronics here in Colorado who are R2 partners.

  - Mid-grade items (e.g., printers, fax machines, and phones): 516 pounds properly processed.

  - High-grade items (e.g., laptops and towers): 228 pounds diverted and recycled. All laptops, towers and cell phones are wiped with DOD approved software. Full Circle our R2 partner in Denver handles all this grade material, all electronics are Certified Destroyed.

Community Impact:

As a locally-owned business, we are extremely excited to give back to our mountain community. The owners of Green Girl Recycling, Bridget and Matt Johnson with their boys, live just 15 minutes outside of Estes Park, making this event especially meaningful for us. Helping to divert over 5,000 pounds of materials from landfills and ensuring they are properly processed is a significant achievement, and we are proud to be a reliable resource for our community as an active recycler the last 25 years!

Participating in the Bank of Estes Park roundup event has been a rewarding experience. We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with local organizations and continue making a positive impact on our environment and community. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this event, and a special thanks to The Bridge of Estes for their incredible work.


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