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Three Great Opportunities to GIVE BACK

OSKAR Blues – June 1st

If you have not yet attended the Oskar Blues Burning CAN Beer Festival, it is an EVENT. With nearly 40 breweries represented, the Beer Festival takes place during the world renowned Lyons Outdoor Games each year. This year, more than 1500 people were in attendance, sampling the local brew, listening to live music from Dumpstaphunk, watching the BMX dirt bike competitions, and all with the Rocky Mountain National Park acting as a backdrop.

And while beer connoisseurs took the good stuff out of the cans, Green Girl took the other good stuff: the CANS. In all, we collected 263 lbs. of cans. That’s about 30 full 55-gallon bags saved from a pit in our Colorado ground. Even cooler, we were able to take the $149.91 raised from the event and give it directly back to Oskar Blues, where they in turn donated it to a Colorado River fund. So not only did we save the environment together, but we’re even able to give the proceeds back to do even more.

Jamestown Cleanup – June 8th

Each year, the town of Jamestown celebrates this high holiday in style, complete with big trash dumpsters, hazardous waste collection, acommunity swap, and, of course…recycling! Not only do we get to be charmed by this community, but we get to help save all of those hard-to-recycle items that people have no idea what to do with. This year on June 8th, we collected hot water heaters, scrap metal, broken plastic chairs…and honestly a whole lot of stuff I have no idea what it was ever intended for. At the end of the day, we collected about half of a box truck filled with old throwaways and has-beens and shuttled them off to give them a new—and hopefully more recognizable—life. From the event we ALSO collected $107 to donate to Jamestown Elementary School. How cool is that?

Electronics Roundup at WW Reynolds – June 14th

For the fourth year in a row, Green Girl has been invited to host the Electronics Roundup held by W.W. Reynolds. I love this event. Not only does the company offer this free service to their tenant buildings on Pearl East Circle, but the amount collected from this event is impressive. If it could ever be plugged in or charged up, we took it. Last year, we “rounded up” 12,227 pounds of electronics, putting valuable resources back to good use. This year was even better with two very full trucks of electronics collected. What a great way for a great company to give back to its own tenants while simultaneously making their community a better, healthier place to live!


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